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CBD Doesn’t Work For Everybody?

Posted on by Liam Mitchell

CBD Doesn’t Work For Everybody?

Some people who have previously used CBD will often suggest that any effect from CBD is just a placebo effect and that it doesn’t actually work. While the placebo effect is a real phenomenon known throughout the medical world, CBD is much more than that. This myth would be like saying that the “high” you get from cannabis / THC is just a placebo effect. Recent studies and research has revealed that the cannabinoid compounds, such as CBD, CBA, and CBG can interact with many different receptors in the body and brain.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system built into everybody, as well as various other homeostatic systems such as dopamine, serotonin, musculoskeletal, and immune. As researchers continue to study exactly how CBD interacts with our bodies at the biological level, the evidence is beginning to stack up that CBD effects are very real.

With all of this being said the dosage and effects for everybody is different, people will have different tolerances and effects from CBD. The same with any chemical, such as alcohol. People will have different tolerances and levels it takes to cause action within the body.

It is all about finding a good quality CBD product and starting at a recommended dose and increasing from there until the desired effects are felt.